How would you like your oysters?

We can't morally withhold fresh oysters from everyone, so we've decided to offer them in three different services to accommodate all situations and cravings. 

These are our top 3 fresh oyster requests. 


Fresh Shucked Oyster Delivery

Just think, freshly shucked oysters delivered to your doorstep on crushed ice, with scratch made organic mignonettes and house made hot sauce. Now open your eyes, we can make this happen. Starting at $199.

(Delivery Charges apply)

Click Here for a pricing & product menu.

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WEdding Day Briny BAr

This is the real McCoy of Oyster experiences. The best day of your life just got even more tasty with a fresh oyster and seafood raw bar set up. We come with a hand crafted reclaimed wood oyster bar and the freshest oysters sourced from our farmers on the West coast. Shrimp Cocktail & Dungeness Crab are also in our arsenal.  

Our Current 2018 Product and Pricing List


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Pop-Up Oyster Socials

This is our craft mobile Oyster raw bar. Explore different oyster varieties, pairings, and sample a gourmet crafted oyster menu. We aim to offer an enlightening and knowledgable series of tasting courses aimed at highlighting the oysters true nature through the eyes of the farmer and the chef. There is more than one way to eat an oyster.

 To learn more about having Oyster Social at your upcoming event please Click Here